Today… “It is Good!”

Genesis 1:31 “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day…” Genesis 2:2 “and on the seventh day God finished his work which he had made; and he rested…”

With my limited understanding, after He spent six days creating, God did not dust off His hands, look over His other shoulder and say, “Now, if I hurry, what else can I make?” He certainly didn’t utter, “How can I make that animal better?” or “Now let me spray that garden for weeds.” Funny!  With the Creator’s example, the verses above spoke to me and I believe they can have a life application worth a few moments of thought. Here it is: After God worked, he noted “it is good”, and followed that by a time of resting.

When I’m not careful, I am easily sucked into the world’s influence of …gotta hurry, gotta make it better & it’s not quite good enough! Do you ever feel like that? Maybe it’s my house, or my car, my work, my schedule…or even my kid’s schedule? As a mom, if I don’t deliberately take caution here, with that attitude I will not only be miserable & without an ounce of peace, I will raise two young women who continue that same worldview of discontentment and empty busyness also. I don’t want that for any of us!

For some reason, it is not natural in our culture to rest, but equally disturbing to me, is the rarity of stepping back from anything long enough to say, “It is good.” Am I the only one who sees how often we’re in a hurry to make things “better” and then, what we get done rarely seems good enough? At this hurried, “gotta do more” pace, therapists will be very successful with personal counseling appointments as sought after as prime property!

When do I allow myself to slow down, experience peace and say,
“It is good!” and then rest?

Sadly, I believe we’re teaching our kids to always be rushing to pursue more, bigger & better to the extent they may not have a healthy grasp on moderation and contentment as adults any more than we do. With that being said, of course I want to encourage my girls to excel and have a healthy level of ambition. But, it is more important to me that I teach them a sense of balance between accomplishments and contentment. Surely you’ve heard the analogy comparing overly busy adults to thoughtless gerbils on an exercise wheel! What a visual…is that what we desire for ourselves? What about for our kids?…

Thinking again about that short passage in Genesis, I am challenged first to work hard. (Obviously, God’s work is perfect and mine will never be.) It’s, after I do the work, learning to follow it up with enough contentment

with my schedule …my accomplishment
…my place in life …a particular task …the condition of my home

to say the words, “It is good!” Then, take a break and rest afterward. It’s a tall order. But, I can trust in the seemingly simple example God gave us in Genesis… work hard (again, knowing it won’t be perfect), realize it’s good (did I mention not perfect?) and take some time to rest!

I can choose to exit the “gerbil wheel” for a time. If needed, I will work on that project tomorrow, next week or next year. Or, it may mean I wait until the kids are grown!   I can have confidence  … for today, “It is good!”  

~ Domestic Chick

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