Free Printable! Easy Meal Planner

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Do you want to save time & perhaps a little money every single week? 😂 Of course you do! Who doesn’t, right?! We all could use a little extra of both at the end of the week!

When I don’t have dinner figured out, I know the clock is ticking down before the “hangry” people show up! Without a plan, we will just end up going out to eat or grabbing some fast food to get everyone fed. Sure eating out on occasion is nice, but consistently ignoring the need to make a dinner plan will #1 – quickly drain our cash AND #2 – result in my whole family eating less healthfully. I don’t wanna do that to our pocketbook OR our waistlines!

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Life gets chaotic juggling it all! I had to learn quickly that I needed to ➙ MAKE A PLAN! Putting just a little bit of thought into things makes the whole week run more smoothly, doesn’t it? My simple realization applies to all areas of life, but today I’m sharing how to help with your meal planning. (For more great ideas on planning, check out The Happy Planner!)

This simple Weekly Meal Planner is here to help you get started! 🆓🎉 Just scroll down & click the ‘Download’ button to get your copy and take the guessing out of meal time! Check out these handy containers too! Taking just a few minutes to toss your meal plans into these containers will be an enormous time-saver too! Your future self will thank you! 👌🏽

Give it a try! Stick it on the fridge or carry it with you. Along with meal planning, you will also have a grocery list close! See if at the end of the week… and then the month… you aren’t happier & smiling with a little extra green & maybe a little extra time on your hands too! 💵👌🏽

~Domestic Chick

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