What Do Your Kids See In YOU?…

Recently I took a couple of “mental health” days all by myself. For home schooling moms this doesn’t happen very often! So before talking myself out of this rare opportunity, I jumped in my car and drove 2 hours away for a much needed personal retreat.

“Our biggest mission in life should start with our children!” ~ Jennifer McMahan

As I was driving, I took the recommendation of a good a friend and began listening to the Key Note Speaker from a previous Home School Conference, Steve Demme, the founder of Math-U-See, My friend thought I’d enjoy it, so I went for it… I mean, I was just driving, so why not?

It was keeping me awake, his content had some humor and a few good stories, then he said one thing. He asked a question that I will not quickly forget. What will your child say when he/she is asked the following question:

“What was it about your parents’ faith that made you want to follow Jesus?”

~ Steve Demme

Here I am driving 70mph down the highway and everything around me seemed to stop. That one statement kept repeating in my mind over and over. When our kids are grown, THAT is the only thing that matters, isn’t it? I mean we can do our very best as parents to educate them, socialize them and even make sure they’ve visited foreign lands and speak more than one language…but, if we haven’t immersed them in how to faithfully follow Jesus…eternally none of the rest matters.

Like I did, I pray you’ll camp out with this question in your heart. Our children are our biggest “mission” in this lifetime. God has entrusted their precious lives to us… and I believe it’s an eternal responsibility.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children…”

Deuteronomy 6:5-7
~ Domestic Chick

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The Plan vs. The Relationship

Don’t miss the talk!

Homeschool friends! 🏡

If you’re like us, mid-September finally brings a little more predictability & routine jumping back into the swing of our school days…yes! 🙌🏽 📚. It’s a welcome return, for sure.

Being type A, & a go-getter kind of girl, though, I have made some mistakes along the way 😫. So, I’ll just be transparent enough to share with you what I have learned NOT to do as you start a new school year.

I deeply relate to the drive of “getting the lessons done”… I love the PLAN!! And, I spend hours preparing & painstakingly counting out the upcoming school days, pouring over the calendar to make sure we can “fit it all in”, right? I carve out time for math, literature, foreign language, sport activities, music lessons, etc. And I think there’s little question, those all have their importance … BUT being blessed with the title of both teacher and momma, we have an additional challenge to prepare within OURSELVES! Here’s where I have made the mistakes & had to be teachable… 😬👇🏽

Don’t ever let the curriculum & the “plan” become more important than the RELATIONSHIP with your kiddos! Friends, education is important & you will get to the subjects, but please, please remember those real-life moments with your precious ones are priceless. When they need to talk in the middle of the school day (or any other time, for that matter), don’t miss it! You cannot go back. Those times may be some of the best opportunities to teach … deeper & more meaningful conversations than any lesson you had planned! Love your kiddos, invest in your students, and enjoy the journey you have been called to! 🏡🙌🏽📚

~Domestic Chick